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CORE Group seeks to broaden access to and demand for health interventions through its partnerships. We engage civil society in meaningful dialogues with the public sector and community members, building on existing platforms and establishing cross-sectoral linkages. We welcome partnership with other organizations interested in taking service “the last mile” to positively impact the lives of women, children, and communities everywhere.

In 2016 CORE Group established and furthered partnerships with the Eleanor Crook Foundation, the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH), WHO’s Global Health ClusterInterAction, Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH), Gavi CSO Constituency, Global Health Council.

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[CORE Group’s Global Health Practitioner Conference] is an exceptional opportunity to bring people from very different backgrounds around the table in a setup that is very conducive for dialogue and has produced incredible discussion.

– Emanuele Capobianco, PMNCH


Photo by Jane Thibodeau, Curamericas Global

Submitted by Curamericas Global

“Our project in Guatemala has greatly benefitted from the work of CORE Group. Notably, our program staff have learned and utilized LQAS, Designing for Behavior Change, and Care Group implementation through resources developed by and/or disseminated by CORE and its working groups. Also, too numerous to count are the conference workshops and sessions that informed our work in Guatemala. One that stands out in the mind of our Guatemala Program Manager, Ira Stollak, is a session where he learned about Mercy Corp’s adventures trying to partner and coordinate with the Guatemala Ministry of Health. As Curamericas set out to do the same, he left that conference session with various lessons learned that helped us move the project forward in Guatemala. Person-to-person networking at CORE conferences has also been hugely helpful. Ira’s favorite story is when he happened to sit down next to Amelia Brandt of Medicines for Humanity during a plenary session. The conversation that followed led to a partnership with Medicines for Humanity and a supply of oxytocin for our Guatemala project.”